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Holistic solution for Healthcare

Dien Quang's Holistic solution for Healthcare applies smart technology 4.0, meeting 3 required standards of a modern hospital: Wellness, comfort and aesthetics. Lighting can affect human health, so using smart lighting solutions in the medical sector in the hospital environment can have a positive effect on patient recovery.

Holistic solutions for Healthcare

Dien Quang's Holistic solution for Healthcare combine 8 synchronous solutions including: Smart lighting solutions according to each area, each functional room; Sterilize elevator solutions, Sterilize solution in other spaces such as: medicine rooms, warehouses, garbage rooms, collection rooms; Smart parking basement solution, Internal work lighting solutions, External work lighting solution, Solar solution, Smart solution for the hospital building/ office.
These solutions not only meets the standards of lighting, energy saving but also helps patients feel comfortable and well support the treatment of diseases.

Safety for health

Dien Quang's Holistic solution for Healthcare applies advanced sterilize technology in lighting. This is a light system capable of decontaminating air and exposed surfaces, by producing a narrow spectral range at wavelengths of visible light. This type of light is purple, combined with Led technology to create a warm white light for use in parallel with normal lighting sources.
Lighting systems that integrate bactericidal technology can stimulate intermolecular reactions in bacteria, killing antibiotic bacteria while killing off pathogens that are not harmful to humans. Dien Quang's Holistic solution for Healthcare help hospitals significantly reduce pathogens hidden in the air, prevent infection more effectively in isolation rooms, patient rooms or in any area of the hospital.

Smart lighting in the medical sector applied to prevent diseases

Our solution also ensure the requirements of lighting quality according to each working area. The system distributes the glare in a reasonable field of view, creating a stable light, ensuring the adaptation of the eyes and the clarity of details in the work area of doctors and hospital staff. Therefore, doctors and hospital staff can be safely protected from eye function, improving working performance. 
Similarly, the room serving the patient prioritizes the use of an illumination system with light intensity and gentle color temperature, neutral light, which supports the patient’s recovery well.

Increase your amenity experience

Dien Quang's Holistic solution for Healthcare make it more convenient for doctors and hospital staff to examine and treat patients, building the most convenient rest environment for patients to recover from everything that is programmed and automated.
Holistic solution is smart so it will store user habits and their frequent usage needs to automatically suggest the right light scenario. For example: Automatically adjust the light according to the time, automatically adjust the light according to the weather, automatically adjust the light according to the needs of the patient, automatically adjust the light according to the needs of the doctor, automatically turn off the light when the room is unoccupied, automatically turn on the light when the room is occupied, etc.

Dien Quang's Holistic solutions for Healthcare help nurses and doctors work more efficiently
With this automatic comfort system, healthcare workers and patients no longer need to search for traditional on/off switches. The light in each hospital area will transform according to a lighting scenario, simulate the circulation of natural light sources, help to synchronize the biological rhythm, creating comfort for patients and medical staff. 
This will be holistic solution for Healthcare that supports hospitals to optimize service quality, make informed decisions to improve patient care and promote more efficient hospital operations.

Increase aesthetics to enhance mental health

The use of an appropriate aesthetic lighting system helps the psychological and physical well-being of the patient, thereby accelerating the patient’s recovery from surgery. 
According to some studies, good lighting has the effect of reducing fatigue, improving alertness, reducing depression by adjusting biological rhythms and improving morale. Dien Quang combines smart lighting system and lighting performance technology to help patients feel comfortable and at their best.

Aesthetic lighting system improve health of patients

In addition, the smart lighting solution provided by Dien Quang in the medical sector uses smart lights, with natural white light for operating rooms and emergency rooms, which will help doctors focus more energy for medical examination and treatment, reducing the risk of errors during surgery.

Energy saving

The hospital uses Dien Quang's Holistic solutions will save up to 80% of electric energy. Because the solution integrates the automatic lighting scenario and the management system to each light point. The system makes the most of natural light so the light will automatically adjust the intensity of the light up/down according to the natural light, the lighting principle is focused on the real area so the light is optimised to the necessary places.
Therefore, the Dien Quang's Holistic solution for Healthcare is both energy saving and still ensuring the operation of the hospital.
Holistic solution provided by Dien Quang in Healthcare not only saves energy for the hospital but also ensures the safety and health of patients, increase the experience of comfort and aesthetics to improve patients’ morale.