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Holistic solution for Education

Dien Quang develops holistic solution for Education with the goal of increasing awareness of using electric energy efficiently, economically and smartly for students. The lighting solution of Dien Quang brings the right lighting technology to meet the learning needs of students, improving the quality of training to help parents have more confidence in the selected school.

Dien Quang holistic solution

To successfully develop holistic solution for Education, Dien Quang has synchronously combined 8 solutions including: School lighting solution, Smart lighting solution for classrooms, Smart lighting solution for corridor, Landscape lighting solution, Sterilized elevator solution, Railing safety warning solutions, Solar solutions.

This suite of smart lighting solutions of Dien Quang in the Education sector possesses 4 outstanding benefits, leading the lighting technology in the Education sector.

Qualified lighting solutions for students’ learning needs

Lighting is an important factor in the learning environment. Standard lighting in classrooms not only helps students protect their eyesight, supports students’ learning quality but also improves the efficiency of using electrical energy at school. Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education use LED lighting for classrooms, the light is 20% brighter than conventional fluorescent lights, white light color, true to the natural light color.

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education that meet lighting standards

In addition, the Dien Quang's holistic solution also focuses on the arrangement of lighting systems. The luminaire needs a reflective hood for increased brightness and uniform light distribution. The light system is arranged parallel to the viewing direction to avoid glare reflection. The lighting solution takes advantage of natural light by arranging the lighting directly down each row of tables, parallel to the main door and window system.

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education ensures that the number of lamps provides enough light according to the standards.

Increase awareness of the use of electrical energy for students

The school applied Dien Quang's holistic solution which will save 80% of electric energy. The solution integrates automatic sensor mode and management system to each point of light, the lighting system will make the most of natural light, so the lighting automatically adjusts the intensity of light to reduce natural light.

 Solutions to increase awareness of the use of energy saving for students

The lighting principle of Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education focuses on the actual area, managing and monitoring to each single light point, optimally to the necessary places such as the area where many students study regularly, the sensor system automatically turns on/off the light and proposes the right lighting scenario. So the school will use electrical energy efficiently.
The effective use of electricity in schools is a way of propagating awareness of saving electricity, improving understanding of the rational use of electric energy for students. This also helps students grasp the importance of energy saving.

Support to improve the quality of school’s training

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education integrates an automatic sensor. The lighting system can automatically adjust the light according to the sunlight source, automatically adjust the light intensity when people move and easily change the lighting context (automatically turn on/off the light when there are people in the room or no people in the room).
The solution comes pre-installed with smart context scenarios for each region. Specifically such as: working room automatically adjusts the brightness of the light when the sun changes; smart meeting room has a welcome scenario when entering the room, automatically turns on the light, turns on the air-conditioner, proposes a presentation scenario, automatically turns on the screen, reduces the light; etc.

Solutions to improve the quality of teaching and learning at schools
In addition, Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education also provides an integrated positioning system that quickly searches for vehicles in the parking basement by phone. The solution uses the BMS (Building
Management System) –  a synchronous system that allows to control and manage all other technical systems in the school including electrical system, domestic water supply system, air conditioning, ventilation, security, fire alarm, etc. to ensure the correct and timely operation of equipment in the school.
The school used Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education which represents a modern school model, updating technology according to the development trend of society. All operations and management activities are automated, well supported for teaching as well as learning, thereby improving the quality of training at the school.

Increasing parents’ trust in schools

Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education integrates 2 safety solutions: Railing safety warning solutions and bactericidal elevator solutions, to ensure the health and safety of students.

Solutions enhancing the safety of students so that parents can have more confidence in the school

The balcony of the school is a very dangerous place for preschoolers or first graders. Railing safety warning solutions - ALADDIN SAFETY with motion detection system will activate the alarm speaker when children enter the danger zone to promptly handle, avoid unfortunate incidents. The bactericidal elevator solution kills bacteria with a UV sensor, which helps protect students from germs, the sensor will automatically turn off the bactericidal mode when there are people in order to avoid the case that UV rays are harmful to students.
The biological significance of light for the human body, especially students in the development phase is important, which enhances metabolism, promotes growth and development. Using Dien Quang's holistic solution for Education will increase parents’ confidence in schools.
Our solution provides sufficient lighting for learning and teaching needs, increases awareness of the use of electrical energy for students, supports the improvement of the quality of school training, thereby enhancing parents’ confidence in schools.