Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang

SACA volunteer program with children going to school

In conjunction with SACA in "SACA volunteer program with children going to school", Dien Quang paid visits to underprivileged kids in the following places:

- Tam Duc's caring home and the center for rearing orphans 

- Mai Linh private school for intellectually disabled students

- Sponsor base for the Hong An shelter.

Dien Quang is aware that they also lack emotional resources in addition to material ones. Dien Quang presented more than 400 gifts of table lamps to safeguard eyesight to help lessen some of the deprivation. The children's expressions were filled with happiness and enthusiasm, which produced a very emotional mood during the trip.

Dien Quang not only just concentrating on chances to connect commerce and cooperate in the development of investment, but also having significant activities to offer to the community and society, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life

Let's check out the photos of the kids!


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