Giải pháp toàn diện Điện Quang

Dien Quang participated in the seminar "Breakthrough solutions in construction"

Dien Quang had the distinction of taking part in the seminar "Breakthrough solutions in construction" held today, August 26, 2022, as part of Vietbuild with the topic Real Estate - Architecture - Interior and Exterior Decoration. Numerous businesses from the technology and construction industries have come together for this seminar.

The conference visitors listened intently as  Dien Quang presented their entire intelligent and lighting technology solution in detail. This is one of the unavoidable global development trends, and the solution offers clients first-rate utilities, raising the project's value:
- The system's efficient administration and operation.
- Provide users with a practical, intelligent experience.
- Maximize budget and time for investors.
- Follow trend of modern development and interaction with the globe. 

Dien Quang has been and will continue to improve Holistic solutions for projects in a variety of fields alongside SACA and domestic and international businesses.

Below are the seminar details.

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