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Holistic solution for the Real Estate

Smart real estate is one of the development trends of modern society. Dien Quang Group provides holistic solution for the Real Estate, closely following the 4.0 era in order to build an increasingly smart and convenient living space.

In order to catch up with the development trend of modern society and create its own competitive value for the project, investors need to pay attention to smart management systems that attract modern generation customers. Dien Quang Group is one of the leading units providing holistic solution for the Real Estate .

With many outstanding advantages:

Energy saving

Dien Quang's holistic solution reduces energy consumption by up to 80% by sensors and management system to each light spot.
The lighting system provided by Dien Quang makes full use of natural light sources, the lights will automatically increase and decrease according to natural light. The lighting system follows the principle of focusing only on the actual area, managing to each individual light spot, and at the same time changing the brightness according to the environment, so the light is optimized where you need. Therefore, the efficiency of using electrical energy will be maximized.

Dien Quang optimizes the use of electrical energy

In addition, Dien Quang's Holistic solution for the Real Estate also prioritizes reducing the amount of excess lighting, arranging lights and using high-performance luminaires, reducing lighting conductor voltage and using low-loss electronic ballasts for maximum energy savings.

High security

Dien Quang uses Amazon Web services' cloud computing service, applies two-layer security technology and encrypts 'End-to-End. User data will be managed and secured according to the world's leading safety standards.
The high level of security from the holistic solution for the Real Estate also supports investors to well solve security-related issues and manage the real estate project system effectively.

Automation scenerios

A smart real estate system is usually pre-installed with smart contextual scenarios. Dien Quang holistic solution for the Real Estate are diverse scenarios, fully meeting the needs of users.
The system stores user habits and their regular needs to automatically display the corresponding scenario in space and time. For example: Turn on all lights in the room, automatically adjust the appropriate brightness, notify that the lights are on, turn off all lights in the room, notify that the lights are off, turn off all lights when going out, turn on the air conditioner at 22 degrees Celsius…

Comfort and efficiency

Dien Quang holistic solution for the Real Estate helps users to manage, monitor and control all electrical devices remotely anywhere and at any time. All operations are quickly integrated through phones, computers, tablets, etc. in a simple and easy to use way.
The system works continuously to help users monitor the risk of the entire building, update and warn of fire and explosion incidents through the application (safety handrail alarm, electrical equipment alarm, ...). So the safety of your home is always under control.
Dien Quang smart lighting system in real estate sector manages and controls equipment through smartphones or voice instead of manually following the on/off principle, customizing program settings to suit the context, schedule your desired.

High aesthetic value

Design the installation system from Dien Quang in a modern and sophisticated style. Lighting methods are designed to best suit the building structure and the project's aesthetic. The design is suitable for the landscape of the installation place, both meeting the lighting function and creating the beauty of urban architectural space.
Dien Quang holistic solution for the Real Estate effectively exploits light materials to highlight the features of the building, creating a harmony between the building and the surrounding environment. Architectural exterior lighting is becoming more and more important, Dien Quang smart lighting system leads the trend in contributing to increasing urban aesthetic value, enhancing culture for people, attracting tourists, developing trade and service.

Environmentally friendly

Dien Quang smart lighting system in real estate sector not only creates a comfortable lighting environment but also saves significant costs due to energy saving, optimizing lighting equipment when operating and reasonably managing lighting system, reducing the burden of the people and society. Therefore, the solution of using electric energy from Dien Quang is an effective solution in limiting greenhouse gas emissions and some other harmful substances into the environment.
Holistic solution for the Real Estate have been applied a lot in the world. Buildings, villas, luxury apartments or other works can all become smart real estate with integrated facilities, optimizing quality of life. Smart real estate also promises to be a potential market.